Samantha Clayton


Former competitive sprinter, mom of 4 and global master trainer for beginners, elite athletes and everyone in-between. Her workouts are structured and challenging with the aim of helping you to reach your personal fitness goals.



Sara Haley


A Pre and post- natal fitness expert and mother of 3 is dedicated to helping you find your post- baby body confidence, her workouts are designed to strengthen your core, boost your energy levels and help new moms as they strive to reach their body composition goals.



Sasa Nocerino


Is an International trainer from Italy with a passion for dance and athletic movement training. His workouts are fun, challenging and designed to make you sweat.



Marc Coronel


Has a true passion for functional movement training. His dynamic workouts promote the use of use your own body weight as a perfect way to build strength and enhance your flexibility.



Jeni del Pozzo


Is a fun and energetic Pilates trainer, she is an expert at teaching beginners to connect with their body and truly challenges advanced level exercisers to get the most out of their workout. Her mat pilates workouts focus on mastering, balance, stability, flexibility and strength.



Anca Bucur


Is a world- class fitness champion and dedicated group fitness trainer. Ancas fitness training style is truly one of a kind. Her high -energy HIIT style workouts will provide you with a full body challenge.