Lower Body Power Play

lower body power play routine by samantha clayton
7 minute lower body interval workout focused on stability and control. Targets glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves.
This lower body basics routine works all of the muscles in the legs with a focus on balance, stability and muscular control. Your gluts, quads, hamstring and calves will all be challenged along with your cardiovascular fitness level. There is an added inner thigh and posterior chain muscle focus that is great for building strength in your gluts and hamstrings. The interval timing; work to rest ratio gives an added fun challenge to this simple routine.

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Upper Body – If Ya Got It, Flaunt It Upper: Strengthen

Upper Body Strengthen routine exercises

8 minute no equipment upper body workout for exercise beginners targeting the arms, back and chest.


This upper body basics workout uses traditional exercises in a modified format to help new exercisers gain confidence and master body positioning. This exercise routine is great for doing when you are out on the go as no equipment is required. The exercises work the muscles of the arms, back and chess.

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HIIT – Total Body Trainer: Body Bootcamp for

Total Body Bootcamp cardio workout

8 minute total body interval workout designed to build muscle and burn calories.

This interval style total body workout is designed to get your blood flowing, promote improved strength and enhance your overall fitness level. You will work your upper body, lower-body and your core with this fun and challenging routine.

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Can’t Get Enough Cardio Flow

Low impact-low intensity cardio workout for beginners Samantha Clayton herbalife professional trainer Nutrition Fitness

8 minute low impact cardio routine for beginners that promotes muscular stability, burns calories and gets blood pumping.

This cardio routine is designed to get your blood flowing in a low impact low intensity way. It’s for the beginner exerciser to start building up your confidence and muscular stability while burning excess calories, it’s the first step on your get active journey.

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