Core Carve Challenge

Core Carve Challenge with Samantha Claython
Crunch your core muscles with a 7 minute intermediate abs workout featuring Samantha Clayton.
This ab workout is fast and effective. Your core muscles are made up of more than your six-pack muscles, your lower back, hips and sides need to be worked too, This workout trains all of the core muscles with a variety of standing and floor exercises. The added power round in this interval routine will push you to work at your best.

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Total body shock

Total body shock routine with Samantha Clayton

8 minute advanced HIIT total body interval workout with fitness trainer Samantha Clayton.

Work your full body with this challenging and effective total body workout.

This total body workout was designed so that you can work all of your major muscle groups in a short amount of time. The interval format will keep your heart rate up as work on strengthening your muscles, with dynamic and athletic body weight exercises. The X factor interval timing provides an additional challenge.

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