Core Carve Challenge

Core Carve Challenge with Samantha Claython
Crunch your core muscles with a 7 minute intermediate abs workout featuring Samantha Clayton.
This ab workout is fast and effective. Your core muscles are made up of more than your six-pack muscles, your lower back, hips and sides need to be worked too, This workout trains all of the core muscles with a variety of standing and floor exercises. The added power round in this interval routine will push you to work at your best.

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Pour Sweat Core Set

Pour Sweat Core routine with Samantha Clayton
Strengthen your core muscles with an all about ABS routine.
This workout is designed to focus on the core muscles. The core complex includes the abdominal muscles, hip flexors, and lower back.  Following a balanced routine that includes elements of balance, stability and muscular control is great for getting results, especially if your goal is to improve your posture. This core routine is perfect for beginners, new moms, and seasoned athletes.

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